Smoke Tiger (Lou Fu) was a member of the Akashic Brotherhood involved in the White Coumada, the event that triggered the Himalayan Wars.

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The Akashics had moved into the Indian subcontinent circles 950 BCE and come into contact with the various thanatoic cults found there. While the cults and the Brotherhood did share a common interest in the Wheel of Fate, the Akashics generally found the cults to be too active in meddling with the everyday world.

In 900 BCE a plague broke out in what is now Bhutan, and the Akashics collaborated with the cults to contain it. Smoke Tiger and a cultist named Ranjit were supposed to be working together, but when Smoke Tiger realized Ranjit was executing patients instead of treating them, he went into a rage and killed him.

The cultists captured Smoke Tiger, but handed him back to the Brotherhood, assuming justice would be done. Instead the Brotherhood freed Smoke Tiger and accused the cultists of executing individuals fating to be involved with the Akashics under the guise of containing the plague. Within a year, this had escalated into the first battles of the Himalayan War.

Smoke Tiger later learned that these events had been engineered by seers of the cults, who knew a war would be necessary to unify them into a single tradition, with the cooperation of Chan Ng. Smoke Tiger could not bear to keep such a secret, and so Chang Ng executed him. In later reincarnations, Smoke Tiger continued to fight against Ranjit, trapped in a cycle of anger.

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