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Blowguns are among the preferred weapons of the Sluagh.


Sluagh Blowgun.png

Among the quietest of projectile weapons, blowguns hold particular fascination for Unseelie crawlers. Easily concealable (most fit in a pocket, along with ammunition) and nearly impossible to trace, they are the weapons of choice of the most feared sluagh assassins.

Most sluagh blowguns are made from bone or driftwood, though some appear to be carved from the carapace of some monstrous insect. It is not the blowgun itself, however, that is deadly; it is whatever poison the sluagh has tipped their darts with that causes fear. Straight, lethal poison (usually harvested from serpents or spiders) is bad enough, but other options have been witnessed. Slow poisons, algesics that induce feelings like arthritis (the origin of the elf-shot myth), diseases, and hallucinogens have all been used as the payload on a missile launched by a crawler's whispered breath. The underfolk's special drug, Enchanter, is also possible.


  • Difficulty: 7
  • Damage: 1 (plus whatever is on the dart)
  • Concealability: Just about anywhere. Doesn't that make you feel good?


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