Skull Pigs are a kind of creature associated the Wyrm that were created from Grondr Kin that turned to its service in order to survive the War of Rage.


The Skull Pigs are now degenerate creatures that feast on carrion, garbage, and toxic waste, mimicking the Gifts of their Grondr ancestors. As a result, their flesh is highly poisonous.

While Skull Pigs have lost the ability to reason, they can gain intelligence by consuming the bones of Wyrm-tainted creatures. Skull Pigs who have regained their intellect are able to use tainted mystickal powers, mirroring the Shadow magic of the Bastet. Such creatures are also called "Voodoo Pigs".


The Book of the Wyrm Second Edition claimed that the Skull Pigs were originally Ice Age relatives to tapirs and peccaries that were tainted by the Wyrm before the arrival of the Pure Ones in North America. Breedbook: Mokolé and following works like Changing Breeds establish that the Skull Pigs are the remnants of a former Changing Breed that were extinguished in the War of Rage. Since the Mokolé are Gaia's memory, it is possible that the former explanation is the one used by modern Garou who have no knowledge of the fate of their former rivals, or wish to deny the werewolves' complicity.


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