For skinriders in Wraith: The Oblivion, see Puppeteer.

Skinrider symbol

Skinriders are one of the original five Shades that appeared in Orpheus. With this Shade, a character can extend their control over others to literally controlling others, as long as they are living.

Skinriders are dominating and manipulative by default. Their use of control can be from good, such as a military leader spurring on their troops or a teacher pushing students to do better, to cruel, such as a bully or a bureaucrat who enjoys lording over others. Director, Leader, and Pedagogue are examples of typical Skinrider Natures.

While Skinriders can manipulate people, they cannot control the flesh itself and reform it. The lack of discipline that the very gauze of a Marrow has disturbs them greatly; therefore, Skinriders are banned from taking Marrow Horrors.

The arts of Skinriding have several traits in common with the Arcanos Puppetry from Wraith: The Oblivion.

Horrors Edit

First-Tier - Puppetry: A Skinrider can fully possess the body of a living human.

Second-Tier - Juggernaut: Using this ability, a Skinrider wraps themselves in a silver flame that makes them stronger and sturdier.

Third-Tier - Contaminate: With this ability, a Skinrider can fake the symptoms of a disease or fake a cure in another person.

Fourth-Tier - Doppelganger: With a small DNA sample, a Skinrider can create a flesh-and-blood replica of a living person that they can freely inhabit.

Crucible Horror - Mob Rule: A group of Skinriders can combine their power to control the minds of several people with simple commands.

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: Can speak briefly through other people, and force their bodies into quick, jerky motions.

One Vitality: Materializes as a humanoid made of silver thread and cobwebs.

Two Vitality: Fully human, with highly-visible veins and arteries and thinner skin.

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