This article is for Skills in the Storytelling System. For skills in Storyteller System games, see Abilities.

In the Storytelling System, Skills are traits that represent a character's acquired capabilities. Typically a Skill is combined with an Attribute (and occasionally a third supernatural trait) to form a dice pool for an action, representing the character's natural prowess and learned ability coming together to perform a task.

Like Attributes, Skills are grouped into Physical, Social and Mental categories and are rated from 0 to 5 dots. There are eight Skills in each category for a total of 24 broad Skills, representing all possible learned activities. While all the modern Chronicles of Darkness games use the Skills covered in the CofD: World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print! or CofD: Chronicles of Darkness: Revised Storytelling System Rulebook , the Requiem for Rome Rulebook replaces some with Skills more appropriate to the setting; for example Firearms is replaced with Archery and Science with Religion.

Tasks which are instinctual rather than learned - like observing one's environment or resisting one's emotions - are generally resolved using Attributes only, and do not involve Skill use.

To represent more specific training, characters may nominate Specialties which effectively increase the Skill's rating by one for tasks within their purview. For example, a character with a Medicine Skill rating of 2 with a speciality in "First Aid" would have an effective Skill rating of 3 when administering CPR or applying a pressure bandage.

Attempting to perform an action "untrained" - with a rating of zero in the required Skill - imposes an additional penalty on that action. This penalty is higher for Mental skills than for the other two categories.

The following list is that of the 24 Skills in the Storytelling System:

  • Physical Skills often represent personal experience and training.
    • Athletics - sports and movement
    • Brawl - unarmed combat
    • Drive - operating automobiles under rough conditions
    • Firearms - identifying, using, and maintaining firearms and bows.
    • Larceny - picking locks, burglary, bypassing security, sleight of hand, etc
    • Stealth - moving silently and unnoticed
    • Survival - enduring harsh environments
    • Weaponry - identifying, using, and maintaining non-firearm weapons
  • Mental Skills often represent knowledge from formal education.
    • Academics - knowledge in Arts and Humanities
    • Computer - computer programs and operating systems
    • Crafts - constructing, crafting, and repairing objects
    • Investigation - solving riddles and finding evidence
    • Medicine - physiology, anatomy, and medical treatments
    • Occult - lore about the supernatural
    • Politics - political processes and bureaucratic maneuvers
    • Science - physical and natural sciences
  • Social Skills often represent practiced and honed natural knack.
    • Animal Ken - understanding animal minds and behaviors
    • Empathy - observing emotions and understanding viewpoints
    • Expression - art of communication and entertainment
    • Intimidation - coercing via force and threat
    • Persuasion - convincing others and inspiring their emotions
    • Socialize - social interaction in various situations
    • Streetwise - navigating urban streets and gathering intel there
    • Subterfuge - deceiving others and noticing it
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