Called Mr. Bonyhands to anything but his face, the Skeletal Lord is the most loyal of Charon's Deathlords. He's also totally insane, believing himself to be the literal embodiment of Pestilence from the Book of Revelation.

As the lord of one of the largest legions, the Skeletal Lord is engaged in a perpetual three-way struggle with the Smiling Lord and Ashen Lady. On the Skeletal Lord's side, this struggle is complicated by his (correct) belief that the Smiling Lord is a traitor of the first order, and his running conflict with new medical technologies that are moving more deaths from the Gaunt to the Gray.

The Skeletal Lord is noted for his loyalty, his insanity and the associated bag of eccentricities that come along with that insanity. Since he assumed his position as Skeletal Lord (and he is believed to be one of the oldest of the Deathlords), he has dictated approximately one journal a week. These Journals of Bone comprise a collection of political theory, legion history, religious ranting (he is religious, in his own unique fashion), and demented speculation on the nature of disease. The belief that he is engaged in the Lord's work is one of the few reasons he hasn't taken the opportunity to unleash a plague of biblical proportions on the Skinlands.

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