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The Skeletal Legion is one of the divisions of the Hierarchy of Stygia. This Legion takes in victims of illness.

Methods of the Skeletal Legion

Regular Jobs

The Skeletal Legion maintains a respectible military branch; its specialty is archery, specificially the longbow.

More impressive are the civil side of the Legion. Tasks that a civilian Skeletal Legion member may be charged with include Inspector-Generals who measure the balance of power within the Legion, research and development on diseases among the living, external affairs that deal with other Legions and groups, and mapping the Shadowlands and Tempest. There are also "reserve" members of the Skeletal Legions who do not have government jobs, but more of an affiliation. They can be called on as needed.

Legion Culture

Those who were brought down by disease in times of war seem to become the fiercest fighters for the Skeletal Legion. Many seem to appreciate a second chance to prove the honor they were denied by the nature of their death.

Many also seem to be categorized by the ailment that brought them down; certain illnesses are more desirable to have in a twisted, faddish sort of way. "In-style" illnesses include tuberculosis and typhoid, while less fashionable ones include the bubonic plague and cancer.

One illness that has a strange stigma attached is the Spanish flu from World War I; those who died from this disease seem to have strong precognition, and many Oracles have been taken from their ranks. AIDS victims are also notable as they have become targeted by ignorant Heretic groups who see the disease as the "wrath of God" and wish to punish them in death; these wraiths have a special priority placed on their safety.

Allies and Enemies

The Skeletal Legion has an ongoing rivalry with the Iron Legion, the Silent Legion, and the Grim Legions. The first two are because the reason for death sometimes overlaps between the three, but the last is purely because they are the two largest Legions. The Skeletal Lord has a polite air towards the Smiling Lord, but many in the Legion know his true opinion on the Deathlord.


The Hands of Bone

These serve as the personal guard to the Skeletal Lord. All of them have a hand Moliated into a skeleton hand as a symbol of rank and power. Their symbol is also an intact skeletal hand.

The Plague Guard

The wraiths in this group guard places of disease in the Skinlands, especially where rare or nearly-extinct disease samples are being stored. They are there to prevent wraiths with bad ideas for these hazardous materials from carrying them out.

The Order of the Quill

Clerks who have gone above and beyond duty are allowed to wear an ebony quill in their lapel to show their skill. Many go on to become higher ranking officials.

Other Information

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