Skalds, an occupation of House Aesin, are the Bards, typically male, of the House.

Overview Edit

House Aesin
of this House feel that legends, songs, stories, and music would be lost forever without the Skalds. Those who choose the profession train under an older Skald who wants them to take his place when he is gone. The Sidhe who manages to get a Skald to come to their home during a festival gains immense fame. Skalds help the House stay dedicated to its aims by telling the ancient tales and inspiring all in battle.

Cross-Gender Roles Edit

The professions of Aesin sidhe are all determined by sex. However, at times someone will want to throw aside Tradition to take on the role of the opposite sex. Female Skalds are definitely in the minority. They can only call themselves amateur skalds and tend to focus on singing and poetry. Provided they can deal with the teasing and prove themselves worthy, they will eventually be accepted.

References Edit

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