The so-called Sixth Watchtower is a concept offered in the Mage Chronicler's Guide, where a Watchtower outside of the Atlantean paradigm has recently caused several new awakenings. These Awakening follow a global “event” in which Hallows erupt with Mana across the world in an expanding ring centered on the deserts of Afghanistan. Since then, new mages have not been limited to the five known Supernal Realms. It’s too early to say for certain, but the number of Awakenings of other Paths isn’t diminishing, leading to theories that the new Path is Awakening people that wouldn’t have been called by the other Watchtowers.

No one knows what led to the creation of the tower and many things associated with it are still a mystery both to the Pentacle and the Seers, both have started intense investigations about the incident.


The Realm of the Sixth Watchtower is similar to the Aether, but instead of the raw, untamed power of the Aether, the Sixth Realm is filled with alien intelligence that can be contacted and — for those that learn the Path well — coerced into doing the new mage’s bidding. Some mages that study the new path call these creatures djinn.

The ruling Arcana of the new Path (that, due to its recentness, hasn't a proper name) are the subtle Acanum of Spirit and the gross Arcanum of Forces, the inferior Arcanum is Prime. Through experimentation, members have discovered that magical tools of brass, bronze, or copper have Supernal weight, and some have had success with knives as weapon tools.


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