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The Sisters of Hippolyta are a craft that traces back to the Amazon queens of ancient Greece. Born from the mythical division within the Amazons over whether or not to participate in the Trojan war, the Sisters of Hippolyta comprise the spiritual (and, in some cases, literal) descendants of those who chose not to take part in the wars of men.

Today, the Sisters refuse to join the Traditions, seeing them as stifling force to the unbound potential to magic, and abhor the dogmatic and suppressing Technocracy. Unwilling to commit to the warfare of the Ascension War and ever-vigilant in the secrecy of their group, the Sisters have survived where other militant or more public Crafts have died.


The Sisters of Hippolyta believe that magic comes not from the intellect but from instinct. Their approach to magical workings involves a holistic approach that takes into account mind, body and the natural cycles of the physical world. Magic comes from the connections between individuals and between the individual and the world. As a force for creation and life-giving, magic should not be perverted for violence or aggression. The Sisters see magical energy as a dynamic, ever-changing force that adheres to cycles and remains in a state of constant flux. They refuse to pigeonhole magic into Spheres, and they consider minor workings of un-Awakened "hedge mages" as evidence that anyone can utilize the creative powers of the world.


The Sisters of Hippolyta have three main conclaves (or groups) located in isolated regions of British Columbia, France and Colorado. Each Sister maintains an affiliation with one of these three major conclaves even though she may also belong to one of the many smaller conclaves spread throughout the world from the Appalachian backwoods to the Russian steppes. Each conclave supports a ruling committee, known as an epitropi, made up of seven Sisters who act as an informal governing body. Membership in the epitropi changes every seven years, and all Sisters are encouraged to consider taking her turn as one of the leaders. Although the epitropi exercises nominal leadership over its conclave, most decisions come about through consensus, with the epitropi serving primarily as advisors or breakers of stalemates. It's noteworthy that the Sisters don't just include magicians among their ranks. Many women who agree with their heritage and roots, or who claim descent from their lines, live in the societies of the Sisters, and the magic of a few is just a part of the greater community.


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