The Sisterhood of the Blessed is a Legacy that is dedicated to subtle political manipulation. Becoming one of the Blessed is as much about learning to be constantly surrounded by luck and helpful coincidence as it is about actively manipulating fate.


This Legacy was founded in the mid 18th century by a group of wealthy and powerful British, French, and later American women who were also mages. Given the constraints of social expectations about their proper role as wealthy society women, female mages who did not wish to give up their social position or family ties needed to learn to use their magic in a particularly subtle and discreet manner. This Legacy developed as an outgrowth of this effort and by the early 19th century it had become very popular with middle and upper class female mages from Western Europe and North America. The Blessed, as they are known, are especially skilled at the art of deception and specifically in keeping up appearances. They have learned to use their magic and their Attainments to accomplish their goals in a manner that avoids drawing any attention to themselves.

The Sisterhood of the Blessed is one of the few Legacies to have a public presence. The Sisterhood originally disguised itself as a small but exclusive sorority for wealthy and influential women. In the past, members regularly visited one another, staying at their houses and talking about both seeming trivialities and secrets of magic. Members were also exceedingly skilled at sending seemingly innocuous letters to one another that were actually written in elaborate codes. Today, members learn to subtly text message one another or hold long distance telepathic conversations while talking on the phone about seemingly mundane matters. Because travel is so easy now, especially for the wealthy, members meet several times a year as part of the exclusive club to which they belong. This club, like the actual Legacy, is run according to a strict hierarchy based upon both length of membership and the social position the member occupies in Sleeper society.

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