The Sisterhood of St.Claire is a sect of nuns within the Society of Leopold. They are rarely on the frontlines of the battles of the Inquisition, instead acting as supporters and medics for active Inquisitors.


St. Claire was a 13th century nun and member of the Order of Poor Clares, a group of Franciscan nuns who believed in absolute poverty in order to cultivate the riches of the Lord. Claire and her sisters followed the example of hr Order's founder, taking vows of complete poverty. True Faith ran strong in their Convent, and Claire and her nuns were known to be great healers. One night, Leopold and his followers visited Claire's convent, wounded and spent from a conflict with a vampire. They passed the night in the convent's barn, their wounds tended to by Claire's nuns.

They were so impressed by the faith they saw that Leopold asked Claire and her nuns to join them in their crusade. The convent agreed to assist Leopold, but only as the Society's healers. A few rare Poor Clares would join a hunt, but the majority were content to manage sick-houses for wounded Inquisitors. Over time, the followers of Claire tended to think of themselves as their own Order, and they renamed themselves the Sisterhood of St. Claire. When the Inquisition was reorganized in the 15th century, the Sisterhood of St. Claire was incorporated into the Society.

Modern members of the Sisterhood take extreme vows of poverty, possessing only the things the Society staffs them out. They're excellent at accelerating the healing process, curing both mortally and magically inflicted wounds. Although many are trained in contemporary medical procedures as well as somewhat archaic chirurgery, they rely on prayer, devotion, and the laying on of hands.


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