Sister Acceptance, born as Inachus, was a Mycenaean woman of unusual education and independence who was murdered en route to meet her husband in an arranged marriage. Following her death, she journeyed to Stygia and met Charon; one of his earliest followers, Inachus fell in love with Charon and his goals from the instant she met him.

Inachus discovered the basic principles of Castigate while counseling souls in the underworld; by accident, she reached out and tore out a counselee's Angst. While the act stained her permanently and wounded the wraith, the obvious benefit of it was immediately seen by her and her patient. Rushing to Charon, she instinctively pulled vast amounts of Angst from the First Ferryman, and then explained what she had done and what it meant.

From that point onward, Inachus served as Charon's personal confessor. Denied the possibility to be his companion by their deaths and offices, Inachus took the name Sister Acceptance to acknowledge her position and throughout the history of Stygia served as his constant confessor and castigator. She aided him even when his Shadow tried to prevent it.

Sister Acceptance was the enactor of a unique Castigation ritual used on Charon before the Fifth Great Maelstrom, the result was an aborted form of the Ritual of Severance and led to the creation of Gorool. When that Malfean appeared at the gates of Stygia, Acceptance was forced to stand by helpless as Charon gave his existence for the Western Dead.

Following Charon's disappearance, Sister Acceptance fell into a deep despair and would likely have succumbed to Oblivion if the rest of the Guild had not made her guildmaster. When she learned rumors that Charon was lost in the Labyrinth she abandoned her fellow Guildmasters for a lone expedition. She was lost in the Labyrinth during the Sixth Great Maelstrom.


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