Sir Elaine is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Liam in Concordia.

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Sir Elaine

Elaine insists on the title. She is a member of Baroness Grayswan's court, and it is a matter of pride for her that in a court leaning toward tradition that she has risen to the position of leadership among the knights. While Sir Nicholas is still the Captain of the Guard, as he has been since the early days of Baron Malcolm's rule, he is growing more and more the grump and is expected to retire in due course. Elaine intends to be his successor.

She is tall, even for a sidhe. One of the best ways to trigger her infamous temper is to raise the hoary rumor that there is trollish blood somewhere in her heritage. Those who arouse Elaine's ire, by spreading rumors or by abusing those in her care, shortly discover that she is skilled with a great blade. She returns to her usual quiet state when her fury abates. It is this habitual silence that leads the unwary and unknowing to assume that the tall warrior is not as observant as she is dangerous.

By special request granted by the baroness, Elaine is permitted to spend two months traveling up and down Concordia every year, to satisfy her sense of justice. She is known as one of House Liam's most fervent defenders of mortal-kind. She often finds a talented mortal who, for whatever reason, has been unable to realize their talent fully.

Sir Elaine has never associated herself with any of the informal factions or secret societies within the house. Her only affiliation at present is with her baroness. Her prestige and skill make her a prime target for recruitment, though; the Knights Templar are eager to bring her sword arm to their cause. Elaine is more aware of their machinations than they believe.

On the rare occasions when she dresses for court rather than for duty, her smile appears as a treasure like the legendary roses of Arcadia. The crasser court members have a long series of wagers concerning when she might fall in love and who the lucky man, or woman, will be.

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