Silverwood is the holding of Lady Arlana of House Ailil in the the Kingdom of Willows.

Overview Edit

Set deep in the rolling hills of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, in its mortal seeming the freehold of Silverwood resembles a French manor house. Fae kenning, however, reveals the building's true splendor, for it resembles a palace in miniature, crowned by silver spires that blaze in the sunlight and glimmer with a luminescent beauty beneath the moon's rays. A silver dragon surmounts the arched gateway to the freehold, proclaiming the palace and grounds as a freehold of House Ailil.

The formal audience chamber is a large room of stark elegance. Black and silver drapes frame floor-to-ceiling windows delicately engraved with the dragon and stars of House Ailil. The floor repeats a motif of interlocking black and silver star patterns. There is a massive throne made from some silvery wood not found in the mortal realm.

Lady Arlana keeps her private chambers on the topmost floor of the palace.

The property also keeps extensive stables.

Household Courtiers Edit

All members of the household are presumably Unseelie.

  • Calinthe: Lady Arlana's Fledge.
  • Sir Lochlan: The freehold's grump lorekeeper and librarian.
  • Lord Thierry: A wilder of House Ailil who seems content to strike poses and proclaim his anarchistic ideals.
  • Garsen: A Troll who serves as Lady Arlana's captain of the guard.
  • Ziloa: An Eshu bard.

References Edit

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