The Silver Rose is a European order of Commoner Kithain who act as spies and security experts.

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Ragnild von Folkke
The Silver Rose takes their name from a Munich student protest group of the early 1940s called the White Rose and were spies and troublemakers during the Five Years War. They generally made a nuisance of themselves in the territory that became the Bavarian League, though offshoots were active in the Council of the White Mountains and the Elbian Protectorate. Though not stout warriors, they made a real difference in the war effort by spreading propaganda, carrying information, and rallying support among commoners who didn't want to get involved. Most of the original group were childlings and wilders and rumors say von Folkke herself was among their number. Today the Silver Rose exists in various forms. Some spy in Neustria and others take care of security for the whole Galacian Confederation. Many of the new members are children and fosterlings of the original members.

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