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The Silver Path is a trail that manifests on a trod to direct travelers through the Dreaming to their destination, whatever that may be.


Silver Path.png

The Silver Path is literally that: a path which leads from one end of a trod to the other. If the travelers along the path do not deviate from it, they greatly increase their chances of reaching their destination unharmed. The Silver Path not only acts as a guide, but as a protector as well. Chimerical monsters must expend Glamour to attack those on the path. More intelligent chimera realize this and devise many deceptions to trick unwary changelings from the path.

While traveling the Silver Path, changelings are safe from many of the Dreaming's greatest threats, but staying on the Path is not always easy. The more intelligent nightmares may attempt to force, frighten, lure or trick travelers into leaving the path. At other times the path may be blocked, guarded or obscured, requiring the traveler to overcome various challenges in order to proceed.

Those who venture off the Silver Path may be able to find it again, but given the dangers of the Dreaming it is extremely unlikely they will survive long enough to do so. [1]

The apocryphal House Danaan has an innate sense of the Silver Path as their birthright. [2]

The Silver Path & Denizens

Build by the Tuatha de Danaan to protect their forces during the War of Trees, the Silver Path shelters changelings and other allied fae from the depredations of their old foes. Most Denizens may not travel trods protected by the Silver Ban. Those who try lose a point of Glamour per turn and, once out of Glamour, they lose Health Levels. Additionally, Denizens must spend extra Glamour to attack those on the protected path. A major disadvantage to the Dark-kin, the Silver Path restricts their freedom of movement and causes no little bitterness toward the changelings. There are, however, several notable exceptions to this rule: the two Denizen adhene that remained neutral throughout the war (the moirae and the keremet) may walk these paths without penalty. There are certain rare Treasures that allow non-aligned fae to walk the path. The fourth level of the Art: Autumn Way (Dagda's Boon) allows Denizens to walk the path without harm. finally, a changeling or other old ally of the Tuath de Danaan may temporarily invite the Denizen onto the path by spending a point of Glamour. This invitation only holds for one trod and ends as soon as the Denizen leaves the path.[3]