Silver's Gate is a Great Trod in Ireland.

Overview Edit

At the center of the island stood Silver’s Gate, a portal to the heart of Tir-na-N’og — now known as Arcadia. The Isle of Dreams vanished in the Shattering, presumably swallowed whole by the ocean.

Most of the Sidhe, with only a handful of exceptions, fled to Arcadia through the remaining gates. In some cases, fierce battles took place at the thresholds of crumbling portals as frantic sidhe fought for the right to cross into the Dreaming before the gateways closed forever. Faerie legends claim that Silver’s Gate, along with its freehold, the Court of All Kings, was the last of these gates to fall and that its closing signaled the death knell of the Age of Faeries.

Not every fae that fled to Arcadia made it through Silver’s Gate.

In the end, we did nothing as one of the greatest artifacts of our race, Silver's Gate, was destroyed and the Dreaming was ripped from this world.


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