The Silsila are the spiritual elite of the Children of Haqim, a small warrior priesthood composed of those whom the Du'at and the Eldest feel are the truest adherents to Haqim's teachings. Spiritually, their duties are the advancement of the Laws of Haqim (and, depending on Alamut's political climate, the Path of Blood). However, they are also keepers of Alamut's library and museum and the core of its defenses should the Mountain ever come under assault.

They are otherwise known as Shakari (not to be confused with the term the Black Hand uses), or the Keepers of the Blood, and were once the direct subordinates of the Du'at. Tonight, though, they fulfill their role under Ur-Shulgi's fanatical supervision. A sizeable portion of the Silsila's score of members declared schismatic loyalty; none are known to have survived to the present night in the face of fierce loyalist attacks. The rest, all Path of Blood adherents, stood firmly behind Ur-Shulgi and continue their stewardship of to the present night. Most of these are elders in both generation and age and have reached a profound level of enlightenment as paragons of the Path of Blood.


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