After the Rebellion, but before the invention of murder by the hands of Caine, the Host and the Fallen battled each other in wars that were more like arguments or chess matches, with no casualties. The higher ranking the combatants were, the more abstract their struggle became. Storms and Earthquakes were witnessed by the first mortal tribes as manifestations of the Silent War.

The goal of the War was not domination or vengeance, but understanding of Creation. The Fallen would strive to unlock the mysteries of Creation for their mortal flocks, while the Host did its best to obfuscate truths and keep them away from prying eyes. In this way, Creation re-created itself endless times, but what the Host did not foresee was the impact the collective belief of the mortals had on this cycle. With every mystery the Host placed before them, the greater the mortals' appetite for truth grew.

The Silent War lasted for a hundred years before Caine killed Abel, inventing murder and spawning a series of malignant concepts that poisoned the hearts of the Fallen, which led to the Siege of Sagun and the Time of Atrocities.


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