Name: Silent
Nicknames: The Starved Ones, Victims of Neglect, Chosen of the Black Horseman, Marked by Starvation and Need
Keys: Stillness, Cold-Wind

The Silent are one of the Thresholds in Geist: The Sin-Eaters. It represents Hunger and can show one way a Bound could see his death.


The Silent died because no one cared: the man who drowns his fears in alcohol, the forgotten detainee, the old man who died alone, forgotten by his family members; the man who starved in front of a restaurant, the man who suffocated; they all have the possibility to return as a Silent, marked forever by Hunger and Need. They tend to be at peace with their deaths and themselves, radiating a distinct silence that can be unpleasant for others. One of the Silent develops something approaching a level, zen-like calm, even while his friends are running and screaming around him. Another becomes cock-sure and blasé about the dangers she faces. Another becomes an enigma, reacting to the horrors, sufferings, and dangers he faces in a bizarre, withdrawn manner.

The Geists of the Silent are the ones who contact their candidates soonest and communicate with them the longest time before the bargain is made. Their forms reflect this: A hollow woman’s skin flayed and tanned and removed in one continuous winding strip; a creeping edge of some shadowy, decrepit, labyrinthine building made of concrete and broken glass; or a kind of absence, a nothing that surrounds the Bound in a psychic vacuum, and which communicates only in terms of absences.


The Deathsight of the Silent comes slowly, like the dawning of hunger, and brings with it a gradual appearance of decay and deprivation. Everything becomes empty and distant.



Geist: The Sin-Eaters Thresholds

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