Silas was a Salubri antitribu and historian of his Clan.


Silas was one of the Salubri antitribu's premier historians. He was captured and interrogated by the Tzimisce of the Blackfoot pack and revealed to them that the fabled war between the Salubri and the Baali was a falsehood; a coverup to hide their shame. The real enemy of the Salubri clan was the Tzimisce, who allied themselves with Kupala.

According to Salias, Samiel and between 7 to 15 of his Warriors took up arms against the Tzimisce Antediluvian, believing the grand fiend's clan was part of a demonic partnership with the forces of Hell. Samiel attacked the Eldest's haven and slaughtered the fiend with "righteous fire".

The Eldest, in a final act of defiance, ripped Samiel's head from his body. Apparently only one Salubri survived to recount the tale afterward. The Salubri later realized their mistake and rewrote Samiel's history to have him die fighting their most hated enemy, the Baali.

Much of Silas' tale mixed legend and fact, making it hard to verify its accuracy. While it was possible for Samiel to have attacked the Tzimisce founder, and some of Silas' descriptions are accurate, many doubt the clan's founder was destroyed as described by Silas.



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