Signs of the Moon is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Forsaken. The book expands the role of Auspices.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"Who are we?
Are we who we choose to be?
Or do we have no choice at all?
Mother Moon
The Crazy Queen
It's her game
A rigged game
The world is a playing field
These are her mad rules
And we are her pieces
Each of us knows her face
And yet, she has five faces
So what do we do?
Who are we?"
This book includes:
  • Chapters devoted to each of the five auspices. In each, you'll find in-character artifacts discussing the histories and lives of those within the auspices, and you'll also find new weapons for your characters: Gifts, rites, lodges, as well as Auspice Aspects that characters can choose to hone in on how their characters best embody the auspice they represent.
  • A Storytelling chapter dedicated to discussing how best to use auspice in your game from both a practical and theoretical perspective, as well as a frank discussion on creating new auspices and new Gifts.
  • A series of Storytelling Adventure System scenes meant to serve as "auspice challenges" - these scenes are bound to different auspices and can be dropped into your games to highlight the importance of one's moon.

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