Signe Henderson is a Wilder Eshu turned Dauntain.

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Born to a middle-class working family in Salem, Massachusetts, Signe had no problems growing up. She cruised through high school, neither excelling nor failing. After graduation she studied English at Boston University for three years before dropping out to write her own book of poetry. She used her tuition money to self-publish the collection. When it didn't turn out as well as she had hoped, she had to hit the streets, peddling the book to passersby.

That's where Ryder found her. He convinced her that her faerie soul was a curse; a cancer to be hated. She became the first member of his "team."

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Signe Henderson

Of mixed African and Rom heritage, Signs has smooth mahogany skin that glows as if lit form within. Her brown eyes have golden highlights that hint at hidden depths. She keeps her hair short; a cap of tiny curls clinging to her small, round head. Her feature lean more toward her African lineage. He nose lies flat against her face, its small tip pointing up slightly. Her lips have a full and sensitive roundness and are her most expressive feature. Her lithe body is nearly six feet tall and though not an athlete, she has natural agility and grace.

In her fae mien, her features elongate, giving her a royal demeanor. Her eyes darken until the pupil nearly disappears. She wears a long, woven tunic of green and gold over loose pants of the same material. Around her neck is a huge collar, a spiraling spring of gold, that rests on her chest and reaches to press her chin up in defiance. Similarly styled bracelets cover wrist to elbow.

References Edit

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