Lady Sierra is a Seelie Sidhe Grump of House Gwydion in the Kingdom of Concordia.

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Lady Sierra
Lady Sierra is a warrior sidhe of House Gwydion and a well-respected figure at Tara-Nar. Her aid and counsel are sought out by all of Concordia's Seelie monarchs, and she has the High King's ear. She is also one of the oldest known fae in Concordia. It is rumored that she remembers the Time of Legends, though she neither confirms nor denies this. Although she is unremittingly Seelie in outlook (Reely-Seelie, according to Countess Anne), she is known to tolerate those who aren't. Like Count Chronos, Lady Sierra is a wandering protector of the innocent and has a high reputation among the commoners of Concordia. Although powerful, with a force and wisdom gathered over centuries, her power seems to be on the wane. Those who notice this fact mourn it more than they would the demise of any king. Her slow deterioration is seen by some as a metaphor for the diminishing power of the Dreaming: a foreshadow of the onset of Winter.

Her life since the Resurgence has been marred by tragedy. She was the long-time oathmate and lover of Lord Dafyll. When he died, a spark seemed to pass from her. Much of her love since that time has focused on her adopted daughter, the Lady Alexandria. (It is a bitter irony, known to none, that Lady Alexandria was the force behind Dyfell's assassination.) Lady Sierra is, perhaps, the prime mover behind the Cat's Cradle. She routinely undertakes many arduous tasks on behalf of Kithain unity and is known to have many contacts among the commoners and the Prodigals. Her recent disappearance has caused great consternation among Concordia's monarchs, particularly because those at the highest centers of power have uncovered evidence of Fomorian involvement.

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