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The Siberakh, or Outsiders, as they call themselves, are a Russian sub-tribe of Garou that has very few contacts with the Garou Nation. Their Totem is Sable.


The Siberakh are descended from Silver Fangs that saw the folly of inbreeding to maintain their blood purity and instead chose mates from the Wendigo's stock.

Today, they live segregated in the wilds of Siberia, unknown to the most Garou; only the Wendigo and Silver Fangs are aware of them. While the Silver Fangs shun them as Ronin in order to preserve their claims about their stainless lineage, the Wendigo accept the reluctance of the Siberakh to involve themselves into the politics of the Garou Nation. Some who know of the Siberakh consider them to have the potential to become the true leaders of the Western Concordiat as they do not suffer from the derangements that plague the Silver Fangs.

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