Shirkol is a 9th generation Follower of Set


As the envoy of the Court of Steel and Sky in Aswan sent to the Dream Court in Cairo to aid the awakening of the Sleeping Lord, Shirkol is renown for his strong resistance to emotional swaying and his strict adherence to the Path of Typhon.

According to his superiors, the methuselah known as the Sleeping Lord should have awakened in Cairo by now, under control of various magicians from the Court of Dust and Bone. As this is not yet the case, he was sent to investigate and report back to his Court, under the pretense of making peace with their Cairene brethren.

He has found out that the spell has indeed succeeded, sending the essence of the methuselah into a specially prepared vessel, but he does not know where it is. For now, he remains in an observation stance, making gentle incursions into the political swamp of Cairo's Kindred politics.

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