The Ship of the Four Quarters is a legendary Treasure of the Fae.

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One of the great treasures of the fae of old, the Ship of the Four Quarters was shaped much like a viking longship and was invested by the Inanimae with the power to control the five elements. It was Conar of House Dougal who oversaw the ship's construction but it was Kyria Vowseeker of House Gwydion who journeyed to the lords of the Great Slow Empires, sealing pacts of assistance with each one. The ship moved freely on the waters; for a short while it could also travel on the land, through rock and tree, through the air or even across fire. Only one person was required to steer the ship, so long as the captain was of noble blood. Wars were fought over the possession of the mighty vessel because many nobles, both mortal and fae, coveted it, and rightly so. Imagine its usefulness!

Although the ship is present in several faerie legends, its fate is not clear. One tale suggest it was destroyed in defense of a fading trod while others hold it sailed to Arcadia. A third story is that the captain of the ship broke a taboo, which could have been anything from returning the ship to water every sundown to keeping the ship from being used in the Making War, resulting in the ship flying to pieces as each empire took back what was theirs.

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