Shintai, a Japanese word meaning "god body," refers to those Disciplines in which Kuei-jin learn to focus Chi energy through their physical forms.


The shintai are ancient techniques that have disseminated throughout Kuei-jin society since the Wan Xian fell from grace. Although similar in some respects to such Kindred Disciplines as Protean and Vicissitude, the shintai are much more meticulous and systematically studied. Most Kuei-jin view mastery of a shintai as demonstrating a corresponding understanding of the Chi principles, and thus a significant step toward mastery of self and reaching Hundred Clouds.


The Kuei-jin of the Quincunx use eight forms of Shintai. Five draw their power from the classical five elements of the Middle Kingdom, whereas the other three are of newer origin.

The five classical are:

The three others are:

A different form of Shintai is the Demon Shintai, which allows the Kuei-jin to manifest their P'o and gain a demonic visage.

The Scorpion Eaters, due to their consumption of Tainted Chi, have developed their own Shintai arts, called Bile Shintai, which are perverted forms of the five elemental forms other Kuei-jin use.

In the Fourth Age, the Shintai were known as the Godbodies, and they still channeled purer, less corrupted forms of the elements.


Kindred of the East Disciplines


Beast Shintai · Blood Shintai · Bone Shintai · Flesh Shintai · Jade Shintai · Ghost-Flame Shintai · Smoke Shintai · Storm Shintai

Chi Arts:

Equilibrium · Feng Shui · Tapestry · Yang Prana · Yin Prana

Soul Disciplines:

Chi'iu Muh · Cultivation · Internalize · Mibasham · Obligation · Tzu Wei

Demon Arts:

Black Wind · Demon Shintai · Hellweaving · Iron Mountain · Kiai

Bile Shintai:

Balefire Shintai · Decay Shintai · Disease Shintai · Poison Shintai · Radiation Shintai

Godbodies of the Fourth Age:

Godbody of Water · Godbody of Metal · Godbody of Earth · Godbody of Wood · Godbody of Fire


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