Pillar: Sheut
Nicknames: The Jackal-Headed, Anpu's Torch, Ferrymen
Judges: Am-Khaibit, Artem-Khet, Her-Uru, Nebha, Nekhenhu, Tcheser-Tep, Tenemhu, Unem-Sef, Usekh-Nemtet

The Jackal-Headed are mummies who have arisen with Sheut as their defining pillar.

General OverviewEdit

During the Rite of Return, the Ferrymen declared that their service is what defined them. Although warped by eons of conscious exploration of the spaces between Descents, those who pronounce the decree of shadow are, at their core, both mystics and philosophers, moved to illuminate the way for themselves and for their brothers. As a result, their view tends to be one of profound and total resignation to the spiritual course provided by the blueprint inherent in the Rite of Return’s magic. Even when their stringent notions of their unspeakably ancient mystical code are not at the forefront, they tend to find themselves in opposition to companions who seem motivated by ego or notions of heroism. The emotional needs of the soul are of little value and naught but fleeting ripples of distraction upon the great, silent sea of death, all of which eventually fade as the wills of the Judges are served and order is restored. They condemn anything bearing even a remote resemblance to true deception, preferring that their words sing with unblemished and painful truths rather than allow the asps of convolution to feed upon pure wisdom. Needless to say, this attitude of zero compromise when it comes to their spirituality make them difficult to tolerate in times of stress and crisis, as they refuse to curtail their doomsaying for the sake of weak stomachs or delicate sensibilities. Lacking much attachment to the conventions of the living, the Ferrymen do what they can by reducing everything to a philosophical puzzle or occult metaphor. When the Jackal-Headed elaborate on a mystical correspondence, it is not so much an informed interpretation of the world around them, but rather a conjured symbol that takes the place of compassion and attachment, serving as an ill-constructed raft while briefly among the living.


The cults of the shadow are typically small. This is primarily a result of their agendas having little to do with the interests of mortals. Because of their strange hybrid philosophy of nihilism and restraint, there are few among humankind who find service to the Jackal-Headed appealing. However, there are always those rare few that embrace doom at their own expense.

Restoring PillarsEdit

The revelation of hidden truths, confronting the fear of another mummy with clarifying wisdom, and showing no fear in the face of possible destruction; all will revivify such mummies. If one of Anpu’s Torch manages to seek out and reveal a serious instance of deception or a profound lie on behalf of the Judge he serves, the core of his being saturates the sahu of his form.

Mummy: The Curse Decrees

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