The Sheriff is LaCroix's personal bodyguard, killer, and enforcer in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. The Sheriff's towering size, monstrous visage and perpetual muteness (as well as his slavish devotion to his Prince) make him one of the most feared Kindred in Los Angeles.


His first "in-game" appearance was on the introduction cutscene, as the executioner for the public execution of the player's sire, after being judged by the Prince LaCroix for violating the Camarilla's rules about embracing new kindred without "his" proper authorization.

Not long after, he reappears during the optional Tutorial quest to confront some of the Sabbat's goons who assault the Elysium to show the sect's despise toward the new Prince's arrival and the Camarilla. Smiling Jack and the player's character witness from a near building how easily he could tear apart them using his powerful domain over Disciplines.

Afterward he only appears in the office of LaCroix everytime the player comes by until the very final of the game story.

He is the final boss the player must fight at the end, except when siding with LaCroix. In battle The Sheriff uses a massive sword and eventually shapeshifts into a giant bat-like creature called the Chiropteran Marauder, in which form he will fly down from the tower and snatch cars with people in them from the street and throw them at the player. Despite the obvious and severe breach in the Masquerade involved in throwing human-occupied cars around a city while in bat form, the Sheriff's personal devotion to LaCroix's safety seems to override whatever obedience he has for Camarilla law.

Clan Edit

Due to Bertram Tung telling the player that LaCroix "picked [the Sheriff] up in Africa", his demonstrated mastery of the unique Chiropteran Marauder form of Vicissitude, and his monstrously inhuman appearance, his clan is often assumed to be Nagloper, a legacy of the Tzimisce from Africa.

However, the Sheriff himself never utters a single word and his true clan is never explicitly stated in the game, nor is the powerful and mysterious nature of his bond to LaCroix ever explored. The extreme unlikeliness of any Childer of Tzimisce willingly submitting to decades of mute, slavish bodyguard work for a Ventrue Prince of the Camarilla (given their natural intellectualism and disdain for the Jyhad), suggests that the Sheriff may be enthralled to LaCroix's personal will via advanced Dominate and/or some form of blood bond. Given his willingness to blatantly violate the Masquerade to protect LaCroix, his affiliation with the Camarilla appears to be purely incidental.



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