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The Sheriff is a vampire selected by the Prince and Primogen Council who enforces the Lextalionis of the Traditions within the Prince's Domain, as well as the edicts of the Prince.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Sheriff is the Prince’s right-hand Kindred, responsible for the physical enforcement of Princely decree. Some Sheriffs are diligent masters-at-arms while others are thuggish, bloodthirsty brutes who abuse their authority to torment those beneath their station. A Sheriff may appoint Hounds to assist him (or the Prince may appoint them, in the interests of curtailing a Sheriff’s overt power).

The Sheriff acts as an enforcer and investigator inside his sovereign domain, and given the importance of these duties, the titleholder has the authority to request that any Kindred accompany him/her for questioning and judgment, and as a result, is immune to the powers of the Keeper of the Elysium. The position of Sheriff might appear to be overtly physical, but requires cunning, and a great deal of political sensibility.

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