Shelby "Caestus Pax" Eisenfaust is the leader of Team Tomorrow. He is also the director of Team Tomorrow Central.


Shortly after Project Utopia opened its doors, Caestus Pax joined them. When Team Tomorrow was formed on January 1, 1999, Caestus Pax was chosen to lead the newly formed team. A job he still holds.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

In 2009 Pax is one of the 10 most powerful novas on the planet.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

It is interesting to note that:

caestus: (in classical Roman boxing) a pugilist's gauntlet of bull's hide loaded or studded with metal [1]
pax: a period of general peace, esp one in which there is one dominant nation [2]

Where as:

cestus: a girdle or belt, especially as worn by women of ancient Greece. [3]

Is it a wonder that as time moves from the Nova Age to Trinity his name gets changed from Caestus Pax to Cestus Pax?


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