Sharia El-Sama is the Road of Heaven for modern Islamic Kindred.

Adherents are called Brethren.


Back in the days when vampires still walked on the spiritual Roads, the Sharia El-Sama was known as the Tariq El-Sama. In those times, the Ashirra sect ruled over the Islamic lands under the leadership of Mullah Suleiman ibn Abdullah, one of the disciples of Muhammad himself. As Islam began to split into different denominations, such as Sunni, Shiite, Sufi, and similar movements, and the Golden Age of Islam ended, the Ashirra lost much of their power. In modern nights, the main goal of the remaining few elders who practice the Sharia El-Sama is to protect their religion against intruding supernaturals and keep their lands safe.

The Sharia El-Sama teaches the Five Pillars of Islam and believe that through honest repentance a vampire can gain absolution before Allah. As Islam teaches moderation, not denial, the urges of the Beast is given a certain latitude in order to avoid that it builds itself up. Although adherents of this path generally avoid murder, slaying beings who spread corruption (called taghut by the Ashirra) or killing in "times of war" is allowed.


  • Do not feed from an unbeliever.
  • When feeding from a believer, he must not be slain or left too weak to perform his daily duties to God.
  • It is preferable to feed from animals, but Ashirra must never feed from pigs.
  • Do not Embrace an unbeliever.
  • Do not Embrace a believer unless he has given his consent.
  • The blood bond is a form of slavery. Ensnare only non-believers in this trap. If one under the bond shows piety toward God, free him.
  • The enemy has many servants who would prey on believers. Defend those who follow God's law.

Hierarchy of Sins

Sharia El-Sama
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Failing to follow the five prayers of Islam on a nightly basis. Constant contemplation of God is the foundation to surrender oneself to Allah.
9 Failing to actively try to enlighten non-believers about the Truth of Islam. It is the duty of the righteous to spread the word of Allah.
8 Failing to be charitable. The righteous muslim shares his wealth with the community.
7 Embracing an infidel. It is not fitting to share your blood with unbelievers.
6 Enslaving a Muslim. Muhammad preached that all Muslim slaves should be set free.
5 Theft. Theft, even from the infidels, is forbidden.
4 Breaking an oath. Allah abhors oathbreakers.
3 Murdering the faithful. Every true believer is a child of Allah.
2 Slaying those under your protection. Hospitality is sacrosanct.
1 Turning away from Allah. Apostasy is the only unforgivable Sin.


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