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Ever wanted to play a space opera game with an Exalted flair? Or a modern game with massive swords and crazy martial art stunts? Shards of the Exalted Dream offer a variety of settings and genres for use with the Exalted system, much like the “shards” first presented in CofD: World of Darkness: Mirrors Buy it from DriveThruRPG! .


The world of Exalted has been reflected in the minds and stories of players across the world for over a decade. Now the mirror shatters, and White Wolf presents a collection of unique new visions of Exalted, shards of imagination to take your games through alternate realities, twisted histories, new genres, and even to the stars. In addition to re-imaginings of the classic setting, this book also contains a plethora of new rules to support those visions, or for enterprising Storytellers to use to create their own new takes on Exalted. What worlds will you forge from your dreams?
This book includes:
  • Four fully-realized alternate settings, including modern, space opera, alternate history, and martial arts takes on Exalted.
  • Over 130 new Charms, including material for all Exalt types and full support for Drive and Firearms-based magic.
  • New artifacts, vehicles, rules hacks, subsystems, and a complete new system for martial arts-based games, featuring 150 unique Techniques.

Chapter One

Background Information

  • The credits age included a message from Charles Spaulding:
Recently, a lot has changed in my life, and I was given the opportunity to put my own touch on Exalted. In this, I could be content, if I had not met Carey. No day goes by that I do not think of this game, yet no hour, minute, or second goes by that I do not love her. I am not as great an author as my fellows, but these are some words I am proud to have all to myself: Carey, will you marry me?
  • Carey said yes. Congratulations, Charles!

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