Shantar , the Incarna of Neptune.


Overview Edit

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As TotemEdit

Although the Loom Maker is somewhat alien by human standards, she is relatively approachable as a pack totem. If a pack is willing to go to the trouble to reach her and ask her favor, she usually agrees (providing there are no knee-jerk anti-Weaver crusaders among the Pack).

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 3


Shantar encourages her children to be creative and inventive. The pack receives two extra dice on Repair, Craft and Computer rolls. Further-more, Glass Walkers Gifts cost one less experience point to learn for Shantar's children. Finally, each of Shantar's children gain one extra die to any swimming rolls, or any rolls made to navigate the Weaver's Webs.


The Loom Maker changes her children to heal rather than harm when dealing with the Weaver. She often gives her packs dangerous quests to cut Wyrm-influence away from the Webs.


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