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Shannon Labour is a Sleeper on the brink of Awakening. In early 1999, she sought the advice of Enrique Macias of the Cult of Ecstasy.


Labour seemingly had an interest in New Age meditation techniques, as some of Macias' first advice to her is to discard her candles, crystals, and other paraphernalia. He encourages her to meet people in "the scene" and learn from them.

On February 23, Labour joined a group lead by the entity Saarilyn in order to learn magic. In a phone conversation the next day, Macias judged the group "kinda floofy" but trustworthy, and suggested they might've had an eye on Labour to recruit her.

From Saarilyn, Labour learned to conjure flames; Macias advised her to hold up a lighter when doing so "people" won't "get all worked up." Macias later invited her over to his apartment to get high with some friends.