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The Shango are one of the Legacies of Laibon. Worshipers of Shango, the Yoruba god of storms, the Shango are perhaps the most civilized legacy of Laibon next to the aristocratic Guruhi. Because of their similar outlooks, both legacies work closely together to achieve major goals. The Shango are also accomplished sorcerers, as their ability to use Dur-An-Ki indicates, and they are the only Laibon with Obfuscate, making them the subject of many rumors among the other Laibon as to what exactly they are capable of. For their part, the Shango are perfectly content to be the target of mystery, as their abilities let them into places closed to many other Laibon. Most Shango are Embraced from the ranks of Yoruba worshipers, though worthy warriors and sorcerers from other religions are found acceptable.

The Shango have much in common with Clan Assamite, but of particular note is their addiction to vitae. It is quite easy for a Shango looking for sustenance to drain a victim dry in a blood Frenzy; some Laibon and Kindred are known to exploit this weakness into forcing a Shango into an unwitting blood bond.

Background Information

The original outline confirms that the Shango are intended to be an Assamite bloodline.



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