Numerous members of the Baali have assumed the title of Shaitan, the semi-official leader of the Baali, over the centuries. The exact nature of Shitan remains murky, mainly because other vampires are more concerned with destroying Baali infestation than spending time to decipher their mad, often contradicting myths.

Varying accords presented in Chaos Factor and the Dark Ages Companion claim Shaitan to be the founder of the Baali Clan, embraced as a childe of Ashur. In Clanbook Baali, it was stated that Shaitan was the title used for the unknown vampire who created the first three Baali. Later, a member of the line assumed the name to unite the Bloodline under his command. Following this event, numerous Baali have risen and fallen, each claiming to be the returned Shaitan (complete with a new origin story, which makes it even more difficult to separate myths from truths).

Known Shaitan

  • Numerous other Baali, who have used the title to coax their brethren into supporting their own schemes. The real identity of most of these imposters were never known, most seemingly forgot it.
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