Shadow War is a sourcebook for Kindred of the East that details the ways Kuei-jin wage war against each other, as well as the Great Leap Outward and Bamboo Princes.


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At Twilight the Knives Still Shine
In Kowloon, the Bamboo Princes stir insurrection against the bloodless, ancient mandarins of the Quincunx. In Korea, two elders of the Green Courts swear ritual enmity in a midnight war, as each has been told that the other is akuma. In California, freed from the dictates of civilized warfare, the Kuei-jin seek to wash away the hapless Kuei-jin with sudden savagery. Everywhere, the Kuei-jin are at war.
At Midnight, They Are Red with Blood
Shadow War is a guide to warfare, both formal and otherwise, among the Kuei-jin. From the honorable strife of the twilight war to the relentless savagery of midnight was against the Yama King's servants, from the battles outside the Middle Kingdom to the means the youngest Wan Kuei use in their struggles against their elders, everything a Kuei-jin needs to know about taking the field of battle is here.


Introduction: Wlecome to Life After MidnightEdit

Chapter One: Twilight WarEdit

Details the origin of the customs of Shadow War dating back to the Wan Xian, over the Five August Courts as well as its form in the modern Quincunx and other Courts.

Chapter Two: Midnight WarEdit

Details the ways Midnight Wars are fought, as well as what ceremonies are necessary.

Chapter Three: Underground WarEdit

Details about the Bamboo Princes, their ways to wage war against older Kuei-jin as well as how their various cells are interconnected.

Chapter Four: Scarlet ScreensEdit

Details about the various groups Kuei-jin entertain as Scarlet Screens

Chapter Five: Crimson WarEdit

Details about the recent conflicts with western vampires, including the Great Leap Outward and the invasion of Adelaide, Australia.

Appendix: Gods of WarEdit

A short description of various proficient Shadow Warriors.

Background InformationEdit

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Gansheze, Scarlet Screen, Takeouji, Great Leap Outward

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