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Name: Shadow Lord
Plural: Shadow Lords
Pronounciation: shad'-ohw lohrdz'
Totem: Grandfather Thunder
Faction: Garou Nation


Early History

Dark Ages

Victorian Age

Modern Nights



  • Lords of the Summit - perhaps the largest camp, the Lords of the Summit tend to be the stereotypical Shadow Lords - power-hungry, manipulative, ambitious, and arrogant. This by no means makes them less dangerous foes.
  • Bringers of Light - if there is one group of Shadow Lords that receives something close to general respect, it is the Bringers of Light. These Shadow Lords are the ones who interact with evil powers, such as Black Spiral Dancers or vampires, and attempt to bring them down from within.
  • Children of Crow - taking Crow as their totem, these Garou act as advisors and "fixers" to leaders within the Garou Nation, supporting the strong and the wise while plotting the downfall of the unworthy.
  • Judges of Doom - Philodoxes all, the Judges of Doom seek out and punish those who break the Litany.
  • Children of Bat - one of the newest camps, these Shadow Lords follow the recently-redeemed totem of Bat and use his powers on Gaia's behalf.
  • Lazarite Movement - a pan-tribal movement dedicated to equal rights (or any rights, in some cases) for metis.

Tribal Culture

Political Culture

Religious Culture

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