The Shade Realm of Spirit is associated with Uranus. Despite the difficulty in reaching it, it is a well-known Realm to many Tradition mages.

The gateway to S. R. Spirit takes many forms, often blending in to its natural environment. Once inside the Realm, its form is shaped by the preconceptions of the observer. (In gameplay terms, it reflects a character's Nature.) There is no Gauntlet or Penumbra here: spirits must manifest directly in ways that reflect their own nature, and can be directly interacted with, without the need for magic. If a spirit is bound to an object such as a fetish, it will be pulled from the object in order to manifest, but remain connected with a thin silvery cord. As long as the cord remains intact, the spirit will remain bound once it and the object leave the Realm.

For mages, this same principle applies to their Avatars. By allowing (or forcing) one's Avatar to physically manifest outside one's self, it is possible to converse with it in ways not normally possibly in other Realms. This makes S. R. Spirit a popular destinations for mages on a Seeking or consors hoping to Awaken. However, just as with fetishes, the Avatar remains bound to the mage by a silver cord, and that cord can be cut by someone with ill intentions. This alone is not a Gilgul--a cut cord may be repaired--but the effects are similar if the Avatar cannot be reconnected.

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