The Shade Realm of Life is one of the most easily accessible of the Shade Realms, tied to the planet Venus. The realm takes the form of a mosaic of different ecospheres, all of them riotous with life that grows, evolves and changes faster than seems possible. This can make navigation extremely difficult, as landmarks are drastically remade as soon as an observer's back is turned, and any blazes or trail markers left behind are liable to get swallowed up (perhaps literally) by the territory. In addition, the usual hazards of wilderness travel apply (poisonous plants, biting insects, dangerous animals, unpredictable weather) -- perhaps moreso than ever in an environment that can morph wildly from moment to moment.

The Verbena Seasonal Realms are located at the intersection of S.R. Life and the Shard Realm of Venus. Indeed, S.R. Life is one of the more reliable ways to get to the Penumbra of Venus, given the planet's thick Gauntlet and unforgiving material realm.

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