The Shade Realm of Forces is linked to the planet Mars, and is one of the more accessible Shade Realms. The entrance in the First Horizon usually resembles an electrical storm; inside, the Realm is an endless, swirling ocean of pure Forces, a storm the size of an entire universe. Even with powerful magical and physical protection, it is a risky place to visit.

There are calm spots in S.R. Forces, those most of these are temporary. One of the few durable calms is Doissetep, a Hermetic Chantry that was transferred to S. R. Forces to protect it from attackers. While the rest of the mountain (and the village supporting the chantry) remains in the Shard Realm of Mars, the chantry itself is within the storm protected by powerful magic.

Sons of Ether have been known to visit S.R. Forces to recruit spirits that can provide power to their equipment. A spirit of electricity or fission may be persuaded to provide nearly limitless power, provided the Etherite keeps up their end of the deal, whatever that deal was.

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