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The Shade Realm of Entropy is the farthest reachable of the nine Shade Realms, representing the Sphere of Entropy and mapping on the (former) planet Pluto. Until the discovery of Pluto in 1930, the Traditions weren't even aware of its existence.


The entrance to the Shade Realm has been guarded by members of the Euthanatoi for a long time, who entertain a Chantry at Cerberus, one of Pluto's satellites. The first to be the guardians of the the Shard Realm were the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy, who later fell from grace and whose base, the House of Helekar, vanished. In their place, Senex has constructed his own Chantry on Cerberus, the Ghost Citadel, modeled after the Great Zimbabwe of his youth. Recently, he has shunned himself on Cerberus and closed every entrance to Earth, allowing no visitors.

Within the Shade Realm of Entropy, all versions of the end of all things can be seen and in most cases, mage who see these visions do not tend to return. Rumors tell that Malfeas and the Underworld can be reached from this realm. Theoretician claim that every possible End Time, from Gehenna, the Apocalypse, Doomsday to a nuclear war would be observable, although no one who would gain this knowledge could return. The gateway to the Shade Realm manifests as a black and lightless area that occludes everything behind it.


In one of the scenarios of Ascension, Voormas conquers the Shade Realm of Entropy to channel the Avatar shards bound by the Pasupatta Astra against the approaching Tenth Sphere in the form of the Red Star. Characters have to confront and finally stop him.