A Shade Realm or Vada is an Umbral realm dominated by a single Sphere of magic. Each Shade Realm is linked to the Shard Realm of one of the nine planets in the solar system, but manifest within Earth's Horizon--like a shadow cast on the ground by a passing cloud. Some of the more accessible Shade Realms have been colonized by mages; the great Hermetic chantry of Doissetep was transferred to the Shade Realm of Forces, for instance, to protect it from the Technocracy.

Minor realms may be connected to a given Shade Realm, much as satellites may orbit a planet.

List of Shade Realms Edit

Correspondence (Mercury) Edit

This Shade Realm cannot be directly reached from Earth, and those who do manage to get there find themselves moving though omnidimensional space according to unfathomable geometries

Life (Venus) Edit

This Realm is a lush, ever-changing jungle. Its relative accessibility from Earth has made it a frequent battleground in the Ascension War.

Prime (Earth & Moon) Edit

This Shade Realm has never actually been found, possibly due to the crowded nature of Earth's Umbra.

Forces (Mars) Edit

The Shade Realm of Forces is a never-ending tempest with only rare, isolated spots of relative calm. Doissetep occupied one of those calm spots, at least until its destruction. Like the Shade Realm of Life, its is a frequent (if dangerous) host to mage battles.

Matter (Jupiter) Edit

This Realm may be connected to Hollow Earth, or may be similar but on a far vaster scale--an empire of dinosaurs, lost civilizations and other things that no longer exist.

Time (Saturn) Edit

Any visitors to the Shade Realm of Time are taking a serious risk, as even the slightest movement results in temporal distortions and uncontrolled time travel.

Spirit (Uranus) Edit

There is no Gauntlet in the Shade Realm of Spirit: spirits and mortals can interact directly. It is also possible for a mage's Avatar to manifest corporeally here and converse with them.

Mind (Neptune) Edit

The nature of the Shard Realm of Mind is, as one might expect, defined by what one expects to find there. It reflects back the visitor's own thoughts and feelings, much like a mirror.

Entropy (Pluto) Edit

The Euthanatos Tradition have closed off access to this Shade Realm except by their own members, so its nature is subject to considerable speculation. Supposedly here the Great Karmic Wheel of the Universe is laid bare, and it may even have a direct connection to the Shadowlands. The reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet in the Consensus may have something to do with these conspiracy theories, or it may be a plot of the Euthanatoi themselves.

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