Shades are a form of Spectres found in Wraith: The Oblivion. Among the most powerful of Spectres, Shades are former wraiths who were thrown into the Tempest, were caught in a Maelstrom or Great Maelstrom, or lost themselves during a Harrowing. Their fragile Psyches are completely destroyed by Oblivion, leaving only their Shadows, full of hatred and Dark Passions and permenantly in control. Their method of creation gives rise to their nickname, the Children of Oblivion.

Making their home in the Tempest, Oblivion has caused the Shades to become monstrous in appearance. Feral and beastial forms are common among Shades, as are demonic, skeletal, or torn-apart masses of tissue. If there is a form too disturbing for a Shade to take, it has not been found. Even though Shades were once wraiths, Oblivion has stripped their Fetters away, making it difficult, if not impossible, for them to move in the Shadowlands or Skinlands. They are most commonly sighted riding the first waves of Maelstroms, ready to strip away anything wraithly in their path.

Shades still exist for one purpose: destruction on a large scale. They tear away at the walls of the Labyrinth, create nihils, or do any action they are capable of to let Oblivion strengthen in the Shadowlands, even if it means their ultimate annhiliation. Although they lack great intellegence, they are seen as the "purest" representitives of Oblivion because of the relentless devistation they are capable of achieving. Shades are among the valued and feared of Oblivion's troops; even powerful Nephwracks respect, fear, and will steer clear of the unpredicable Shades.

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