Shades are the eight personality profiles into which a character of Orpheus can be categorized.


Unlike many other Storyteller games where powers are more a part of a faction (such as a clan or tribe) or freely chosen (such as Arcanoi), Orpheus Shades depend heavily on a character’s personality.

A Shade will dictate what Horrors a character is allowed to choose from and how they manifest to the living. There are recommended natures for each Shade, though a character is not required to pick from those and may go to other natures that suit them more.

The Shades are:

  • Banshee – The emotional, insightful characters who wish to help others.
  • Haunter – The loners with attachments to things rather than people.
  • Poltergeist – Characters who are full of rage and use it to solve their problems.
  • Skinrider – Those who desire to control others, for better or worse.
  • Wisp – Playful and charismatic, the Wisps are the tricksters of the Shades.
  • Phantasm – The artistic and imaginative characters who would rather live in dreams than reality.
  • Orphan-Grinder – Spirits brought back from the darkness who seek to redeem themselves.
  • Marrow – Those who adapt easily to any situation or want to blend in with everything.