Shabaqothe Nubian, was a Gangrel methuselah active in Iberia during the Dark Ages. His conversion to the Islamic faith was an inspiration to the Taifa Gangrel


He was born in Napata, the capital of the Nubian empire, fourteen hundred years before the birth of Christ. He acted as a royal huntsman to the god-kings of his land and, because of his uncanny skill, was turn into a ghoul and asked to track down various prey to sate the hunting appetites of his masters.

In 1290 BCE, the Nubian empire was overcome by the Followers of Set, and its former Cainite masters driven into the desert. Shabaqo was severely injured during the change in power, but was saved from certain death through the Embrace. After his sire told him the truth about the "living gods" he used to serve, Shabaqo roamed alone into the depths of the Sahara, where he fought dangerous creatures and hunted for the occasional Setite. Mostly, he spent the next centuries alone, contemplating the night.

It was during this time he felt the strength of the Islam and was shaken by it, emerging from the desert to travel again, hoping to fulfill his need for purpose. He arrived in al-Andalus in the tenth century and engaged in frequent conversations with Hilel al-Masaari, the Sultan of Córdoba (one of the first Assamite Warriors to convert to Islam), and eventually came to believe again. In 1005 CE he converted to Islamic faith, and by virtue of his age, generation and skill as a hunter, the Nubian inspired others of his clan to do the same.

Those who followed his example took the name of Taifa Gangrel and became scholar-warriors instead of animalistic predators. While this movement spread, Shabaqo remained in al-Andalus, for he had no intention to lead the Taifa Gangrel or any sort of ill-conceived army. He is glad, however, that his actions inspired younger Cainites, but strongly believes that every vampire must face Allah on his own.

Shabaqo does his part to bring down Christian Cainites who have offended his sensibilities, and hopes that God will judge him worthy of salvation when the time comes.

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