Shabah is an Assamite diplomat and assassin. She acted as the envoy of Alamut to Michael, in the city of Constantinople, during the Dark Ages.


After her Embrace, Shabah was abandoned by her sire in the North African mountains, testing if she had the potential he had seen in her. After failing to contact her family (who believed her to be an evil ghost), she eventually pursued him and was brought to Alamut for formal recognition.

The Old Man of the Mountain himself accepted the indoctrination of a woman as an "experiment", and sent her off into the West to learn the ways of the kafir. During her travels, she met Belisarius, a Ventrue from Constantinople, and the two became lovers and married, sharing a Blood Oath with each other until Shabah was called back to Alamut.  

By that time, her knowledge of the West and the disguise provided by her gender (as others believed all Assamites to be male) have made her quite a proficient assassin, to an extent she even killed Emperor John II Komnenos in 1143, oblivious to the fact that he was one of Belisarius' protegés.

During the rule of Saladin, she was sent to Constantinople, acting as an envoy to the Patriarch to gain his favor and alliance in Alamut's struggle against the various hostile factions (supernatural as well as mortal) within the Middle East. There she met her old lover Belisarius again and reconciled with him, while acting as a professional assassin for the city's various Cainites.

Although she survived the Fourth Crusade, she did not survive the turmoils of the Anarch Revolt.

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